A Sunday Blog

Sugar got wind that a friend of Honey (in the spirit of the blog Sugar will call her Laffy Taffy) knits up all sort of characters. Sugar loves her creations and coveted one for herself. Sugar was a bit nervous about Laffy Taffy getting into copyright infringement issues - doesn't the good book say

"lead us not into incarceration and deliver us from financial ruin"

or something like that?

Therefore Sugar made a request for the ultimate in uncopyrighted characters

And here he is in all of his Acrylicness

Sugar keeps him in her purse and when she sees folks who inquire "So what have you been up to?" Sugar whips him out and says "I've found Jesus" As well as appropriately thanking him

Sour Patch Kids say "let's go out to dinner" Thank you Jesus
Splenda calls and says "I just got a full ride scholarship!" Thank you Jesus

Now Sugar realizes this might be the first player in Sugar's little blog-drama who doesn't get christened with a blog-name, but in the spirit of reverence Sugar has for all of his four-inches of knotted glory (there Sugar goes again with the Cialis commercial material!) his name shall remainuth unaltered upon hern lips forever and ever. Really, Sugar doesn't want to incur his wrath for suggesting something he finds distasteful or unkosher (like Coconut or Wiener)

But if Sugar had to christen his perfection -


CosmoShane said...

We should be poorer. Then I could get a scholarship. Or more Native American.

CosmoShane said...

On the subject of Him called Bordeaux, we're reading the Bible in Lit Hum. Splenda has a little problem with trying to force out her opinions on every single subject that is brought up (which are oddly very close to the opinions that Sugar rants quite frequently). After class the other day, I made an offhand comment about needing to shut up sometimes (but oh, it is so hard), and then got into a conversation with this girl about how she loves the way that I can talk about the Bible without trying to justify it like all the other opinionated, former Catholic school girls that populate our class do. I was so excited! Someone likes to listen to me! This is potentially dangerous...but the point of this story is: a big thanks to Sugar for never sending me to Bonaventure and christening me in the home of fire, brimstone, atheism, apathy, Islam, and the occasional foray into the screaming "Jesus!" churches.

Anonymous said...

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